Frequency Capping – A Best Practices Guide for Google and Facebook Ads in 2019

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You’ve noticed them, haven’t you?

Each time you check social media.

Chasing you.  Stalking you. Waiting for you to notice them.

Frequency Capping & Marketing ads

These can be an effective weapon in a marketing campaign’s arsenal. But marketing ads can backfire.  If we stuff our face with too much of a good thing – we don’t ever want to see it again.

How much is too much? This is where frequency capping comes in to play.

Perhaps you’re creating a marketing campaign, or you have an existing one.  You want your brand noticed.  But you don’t want to risk consumers suffering ad fatigue and ignoring you.

How do you find a happy medium?

Look no further. We have everything you need to know about frequency capping in our best practices guide for Google and Facebook Ads in 2019.

What is Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping sets a limit on the number of impressions a user will have of a display or video campaign, per day, week, or month (or any combination).

Why is Frequency Capping Important?

You want to bring awareness to your brand.  But you don’t want to overexpose users to your content. Too many ads can be detrimental to your campaign performance and result in ad fatigue.  Worse still, users may begin to consider your brand as just plain annoying.

Adversely, under-promoting your content means the consumer won’t notice your brand – or your product. This can potentially harm your marketing campaign and result in wasted money and effort.

Finding that “sweet spot” of ad exposure can help drive your desired performance outcomes.

What’s the magic number? Read on for frequency capping best practices for Google Ads and Facebook.


Frequency Capping: Google Ads

Google recommends setting frequency capping at 20 per day. This means users will view no more than 20 ads per day from your campaign.

Use Google support to set up a frequency cap for either a new campaign or an existing one.

Frequency Capping: Facebook

How do you implement capping on Facebook? Tell it! Simply change a few settings in Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook has written a helpful guide to assist you in choosing the right frequency cap for your reach and frequency campaign.

Check out this short video on tips to avoid ad fatigue on Facebook:

Implement these tips for frequency capping – a best practices guide for Google and Facebook Ads in 2019 – and you will begin to notice an improvement in your brand awareness.

In conclusion, frequency capping will help:

  • display the right ads to the right user at the right times
  • reduce ad fatigue for your users
  • and boost your click-through rates – resulting in a more effective, profitable ad campaign!

For more information about the importance of frequency capping for your ad campaign, get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable search marketing team today.

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