Content marketing is the process of creating useful, relevant and genuinely informative content that provides long-­term value to your target audience, ultimately driving profitable consumer action over time.
Content marketing - driving profitable customer action
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Content Marketing

It’s not a get­-rich-­quick plan; content marketing is a trust-­building strategy in the form of regular blog posts, promoted posts or third-­party articles that takes thought and planning, all in aid of encouraging your audience to return to your website again and again.

Content marketing isn’t just about writing good blog posts though; it also comes down to how you share it with your audience. Great content has great search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits which helps your users and, more importantly, the people you haven’t reached yet, find your content. The better your SEO is, the higher your search rankings will be.

Social media and email are also essential in content marketing distribution. When you build an online community that learns to rely on you for information in your area of expertise, it’s essential that you give them easy access to your content.

Content marketing drives traffic to your website, increases engagement between you and your audience, improves your brand reach within your expert area of the online world, and fosters a community that trusts you and supports each other.

The Online Republic group creates and manages content for more than 3500 websites. Our content creators combine their creativity, experience and knowledge to help our websites consistently rank at the top of search rankings.

We promise to deliver the same results for your business. The Search Republic team can plan, create and deliver your entire content marketing strategy, or work with you to keep your blog up-to­-date.

Our Approach

Our content marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing highly relevant and valuable content to attract, retain and drive profitable customer action.

We thoroughly analyse your business -­ and your competitors'­ - so any content marketing we create for you complements your overall marketing strategy.

We understand the importance of standing out from the crowd, so we determine what makes you better than your competitors.

We help you create content that has a long-­term purpose. Great content inspires customers to act, rather than just telling them to.

Our content is engaging and drives valuable action. We’re also committed to measuring performance along the way.

We can design unique content to help you sell a product, promote a cause or provide a service. 

Our content strategies are flexible and responsive to what your audience is interested in.


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