We have spent more than $50 million of our own money on Google and Bing over the last decade. We are the search marketing experts who don’t practise with your money.

We'll put $50 million towards your next digital campaign

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Most paid search strategies such as Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing are based on pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) models. The price you pay per click depends on how valuable the keywords you want to include in your campaigns are. Broadly speaking, the more a business is willing to spend per click, the higher it’ll appear in their search engine rankings.

Search Republic leverages the experience and expertise of Online Republic, our parent company. With the Online Republic group we have some of the most experienced and qualified search marketing practitioners in the country, and we have spent more than $50 million of our own money on paid search over the last decade.

We have dedicated Google and Bing account managers for large accounts. The major search engines also give us priority support along with access to exclusive alphas and betas, which means you’ll always stay one step ahead of your competitors with Search Republic.

Our Approach

We spend every dollar of your search budget like it is our own. We ensure every click counts towards delivering meaningful traffic to your website, that drives conversions and meets business goals.

We track where your business has been and where you’re heading, then create a paid search plan that works for you, no one else.

We tell you exactly what you need to know in the language you’re used to. We tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and give you recommendations on the next steps forward.

We treat your marketing investment like it’s our own, so you can trust that we won’t take unwarranted risks or be careless with your budget.

We stay up-­to­-date with the latest search trends and features, which means we’re often streaks ahead of our competitors.

We also offer a one-off overall account health check covering every aspect of search advertising. We provide recommendations for improvement and prioritise them according to the impact they will make to your ROI.

We look at your business through the eyes of your users, then create custom strategies that work for your unique audience.


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