CRO - Converting visitors into customers
Imagine for a moment, with some changes to your site, you could improve conversion by 20% or even 50%? What would it do for your profitability?
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Conversion Rate Optimisation

When Online Republic was a young travel booking company, we regularly made changes to our websites that increased conversions, sometimes even doubling them.


As a result, we thrive on experimenting with conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Today, after years of testing and a lot of trial and error via A/B split testing, Online Republic still achieves conversion increases of 8%, 13%, sometimes even 20% or more across our global network of websites.


Applying A/B testing to your own website is simple. 50% of visitors to your website see your existing page, while the other 50% see the pages being tested. Comparing the actions and results determines whether you make the proposed changes, trial new suggestions, or stick with the status-quo.

With more complex multi-variate testing, combinations of ideas and layouts can be tested at the same time. At any one time Online Republic could be running 10 or 20 A/B tests across all of our sites. It could be as simple as a different coloured booking button, a two-page booking process versus a one-pager, or an entirely different landing page.

Search Republic’s CRO practitioners focus on maximising the return on your advertising investment.

We run a continuous programme of testing to improve the conversion of visitors to customers. We also look at other areas such as email marketing strategy and social landing pages, because conversion rates aren’t always determined by a website user experience. We can also perform one-off reviews of your website and the pages visitors land on from paid search, and provide split testing recommendations.

Our Approach

We have more than 10 years’ experience in CRO experimentation, and we’ve developed tried and tested methodologies and insights that give your business the winning edge.

We work hard to understand your audience, how they interact with your site, and why they abandon it at a certain point.

We’re incredibly passionate about improving your website’s profits, quickly.


We know how to create the perfect landing page to increase conversions.

We stay up-­to­-date with the latest CRO tools and features, which means we’re often streaks ahead of our competitors.   

We run a continuous programme of testing new ideas to improve the conversion of visitors to customers. 

We work as your outsourced conversion rate optimisation experts, focused on maximising the return on your advertising investment.


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