Why Search Republic?

Search Republic was born out of online e-commerce success. Our parent company, Online Republic, has seen incredible results after investing millions of dollars into various digital marketing strategies. Search Republic takes the same expertise and applies it to other businesses of all shapes and sizes.

So why choose Search Republic over other digital marketing agencies?

Ultimately it comes down to what we’ve learned after years of competing in the ruthless online travel business.


Every year the Online Republic group spends more than $12 million on paid search and SEO, and more than 98% of our marketing budget online. While this could be viewed as a massive cost to our company, we quickly realised paid search was actually a core capability of our business. We also discovered that companies that invest heavily in paid search are the ones who lead their industries.


Paid search works because it’s live, real-time advertising that is targeted to your audience. In that very moment, just before consumers make a decision to buy or not to buy, advertisers can use paid search to push them over any decision-making hurdles.

The user journey isn’t over when the visitor hits your site though. In fact, it’s only the beginning. If visitors don’t like your landing page they simply hit the back button. They’ve clicked your link, you’ve paid for that click, and it’s all been a waste of money because that user either didn’t like what they found or couldn’t find what they were looking for.


The Search Republic team has spent years optimising our own family of global websites so we know what makes a good landing page.



Paid search and search engine optimisation (SEO) go hand in hand. We don’t promise to get you to the number one spot on Google overnight; we build you an SEO strategy that will sustain long-term rankings. We work to find what works for your business in paid search and SEO, because every business is different.


The art of digital marketing doesn’t revolve around spending big money and hoping for results, though. Constant measurable tracking is essential for business accountability. When companies can see the direct impact their digital marketing investment has on their bottom line, they can track their performance and improvements in real-time.



Search Republic understands that no two businesses are the same, so we learn as much as we can about what makes your business tick. Education is a huge part of what we offer. We prefer to work with businesses who have a key decision-maker who understands the inherent dynamics of their business, their unique competitive landscape, where the sales are coming from, and actually wants to learn about search.

While both Online Republic and Search Republic have seen great results in the past, we’ve also seen failures. That comes with experimentation. We make digital marketing easier for our clients because we’ve done it before, but that’s not to say that everything we touch will turn to gold. Every business and their audiences are different so we’re careful what we promise to new clients. What we can promise, though, is that we will turn over every stone to uncover extra revenue, generate new business, and reduce the cost of acquiring your customers.

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