People are increasingly looking to social media as a justification of a brand’s worth, because if everyone’s talking about you, you must be good... right?
Social media is more than just cat videos
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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful platform for businesses to engage with their customers wherever they happen to be. An effective social media strategy helps businesses gain and retain customers by building brand awareness that prioritises communication with your audience over just pushing sales. It’s also a foolproof way of distributing content marketing.


The Search Republic team can look after everything from strategy development to day-­to­-day social media account management. We also perform one­-off audits to show you how your social media pages are currently tracking and provide recommendations for improvement. We can also help you set your accounts up and teach you how to manage them yourself.

Our Approach

Social media no longer just helps teenagers communicate with each other; it’s also a powerful business tool. But getting your business into social media isn’t as simple as setting up a Facebook page. We’re here to help.

We work closely with your business to establish a tone of voice that works across all of your communication platforms. Social media is a public representation of your business, so you want your voice to be consistent.

We teach you which social media platforms work best for your business goals.

Above all else, we focus on increasing your ROI so everything we do ultimately makes a positive difference to your business.

We’ll help you understand the ‘why’ you should (or should not) be in social media. 

We will look at which channels you should be using and the reason for having a presence in each.

We will work with you to define the ‘how’ you’ll measure social media success.


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