Mobile usage has grown over 500% in the last two years. That's why we build mobile strategy into everything we do.
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Mobile Marketing

"It's official: Google says there are now more searches on mobile than on desktop."
May 5th, 2015


More than half of us now have a smartphone, making it very easy to access the world wherever we happen to be. Desktop searches and transactions are consistently dropping, while e-commerce transactions and search engine usage on mobile devices are increasingly on the up. It makes smart business sense for marketers to adjust their strategies to engage with their consumers where they focus their attention the most: their mobile devices.

The rise and rise of mobile creates a unique opportunity for savvy businesses and marketers to stay current. Search Republic’s parent, Online Republic, specialises in travel and tourism which is by its very nature a mobile industry that needs to be accessible on the go. Our team customises mobile marketing strategies to each of our mobile sites because we understand that different demographics use mobile differently.

Mobile marketing strategies start with the most simple mechanism: ensuring your website is mobile-­friendly. If your website is clunky to use on a mobile phone, there’s a higher likelihood of frustrated users heading to a competitor’s site with a better user experience. Mobile responsiveness also has a part to play in Google search rankings. If your website is mobile-­responsive and user-­friendly, Google will prioritise your website over your competitors' sites on mobile devices.

Our Approach

We build mobile strategy into everything we do. We ensure all aspects of your website and marketing campaigns are optimised for mobile devices.

We understand how important mobile responsiveness is to businesses, customers and search engines.

We create optimal mobile marketing solutions that are targeted to your audience and key demographics.

We undertake an extensive website audit then develop a mobile marketing strategy that works for your business.

Every website we create is mobile-­responsive, which means Google will love you from the outset.

We work closely with your web development team to ensure everything on your site is optimised for mobile, from Adwords campaigns to in-app analytics.

We'll work closely with you to define a suitable mobile strategy that will ensure you reach this growing audience of potential customers.


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